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What Makes the Best Real Estate Agent

Virginia is a state with so much to offer, from beautiful scenery and vibrant, welcoming communities to excellent schooling, fantastic events and activities and of course, and unrivalled place in the story of our country. It is no surprise then, that real estate in Virginia is in demand, and people of all ages from inside and outside the state are looking to purchase Virginian property to build a home and life.

But no one wants to start that journey badly, and that means having the best experience in the housing market. Whether buying or selling a home, that means having the help of a real estate agent in Virginia who understand the market and can help you get the best price while avoiding the hassle that buying or selling a property can become if you take on the paperwork yourself.

As you might expect from a popular state with a thriving property market, there is a wide choice of real estate agents in Virginia to help you buy or sell your home, the question is, what should you look for and what makes the best agent for you?

A Great Agent Knows the Market

A Virginian real estate agent should be offering the kind of guidance that only someone with deep knowledge of the housing market in the area can provide. That knowledge can help you get a better selling price, or maybe find you the perfect property quickly through a network of industry contacts. You can get a good idea if a real estate agent in Virginia has that local understanding when talking to them.

Find out their track record in the area, how quickly they have sold properties, how quickly they have found homes for buyers, how many homes a year they sell in your chosen city or county, the more information the better. The more experience with the local market, either where you are selling or looking to buy, the better guidance the real estate agent in Virginia will be able to provide.

While that general local knowledge is really important, the best real estate agent in Virginia for you will also understand your own situation. Find out how many properties similar to the one you are selling, or are looking to buy, they have dealt with in the past. Someone with experience of the type and value of property you are interested in will be better able to help you in the market.

What Do Clients Say?

You can learn a lot about a Virginia real estate agent by looking at their portfolio, talking to them about their experience and seeing the kind of results they get for buyers or sellers. However, nothing beats the actual experience of previous clients when trying to find the best real estate agent in Virginia for your needs.

Great real estate agents will have many satisfied clients providing good recommendations on sites like You can find a lot of useful information from these that give you a good idea of the kind of experience you will have with particular agent.

They Save you Money

When looking for a real estate agent, cost is inevitably a factor. We all work to a budget of some level, and so the cost of any real estate agent in Virginia is an important factor when choosing. However, while the temptation is to just look at the fees and additional costs and see who is cheapest, that is not the way to assess your real estate agent in Virginia. Generally, in Virginia, the seller pays the real estate agent, including the buyer’s real estate agent.

The best agent will be a powerful negotiator, getting an improved price when you are selling, or a reduced price if you are buying. Overall fees should be looked at in tandem with the Virginian real estate agent’s results. Take into account the money saved by using the best real estate agent in Virginia when looking at fees, and you can see the value on offer. Often, what may seem lower fees from some agents will eventually work out at a more costly deal overall compared to an agent who gets you a better price.

Top Recommendation

The best agents offer exceptional value then, along with bringing local experience and great reviews from previous clients. Chris Ognek is a real estate agent in Virginia who provides all those things, and he is in fact one of the most highly recommended agents in the state. His performance consistently puts Chris in the top 1% of real estate agents in the country, so it’s no stretch to say he really is one of the best real estate agents in Virginia.

After a career as a naval officer, Chris obtained his MBA from Penn State and has built a thriving real estate business in the state since then. A tough negotiator with an enviable attention to detail, Chris is also dedicated to his clients, focused on customer satisfaction he is there every step of the way with guidance and support.

Whether buying or selling, Chris Ognek is one of the country’s best real estate agents, and for those looking to buy or sell property in Virginia, he is the number one choice for superb service and making sure you get the best value for your property.

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